You may ask yourself what the state of the music scene is in the Twin Cities. And you may ask yourself how a small band is to survive. And you may ask yourself what Suspended Play is all about. And you may ask yourself…

“Well? How did I get here?”

Cheap musical references notwithstanding, Suspended Play is a hobby project with the intent of gauging the state of small local bands and artists. If you’re an avid fan of local music, or if you’re a musician looking to see how other acts are doing it, or if you’re my mom, then this site is probably for you. I post weekly / biweekly features that may include (but are not limited to) interviews with local acts, album reviews, opinion pieces, and local concert videos.

I had the idea for Suspended Play a couple years ago, and while I have had been involved in several bands (with varying levels of success) I aim to let the artists interviewed provide the insight here, not me. The questions I ask may be informed by my own experiences, but the in spirit of true journalistic integrity I’d much rather have these people’s stories reach your eyeballs unimpeded by sensationalization and clickbait culture.